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#goodbadassfunny: What Kind of Mom Are You?

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With our favorite holiday just around the corner (Mother’s Day!), we thought we’d make a just-for-fun quiz to help you figure out what type of mom you are. And we just really love quizzes. So, sit back, relax (ha!) and quiz on. Tell us what you got in the comments below!


1. When your kids ask you for something and you say, “Just a minute!” what you’re really thinking is…
a. I’ll get it for you in a minute
b. I’ll get it for you as soon as I’m done with the dishes, the laundry, and I get off my conference call
c. Pretend you didn’t hear and hope they forget

2. It’s 9 p.m. on a Tuesday. You are…
a. Going to sleep
b. Making a second dinner and executing the final details on your kids’ school project
c. Uncorking a bottle of rosé

3. During a game of hide and seek, you hide in the closet. What you’re actually doing…
a. Waiting patiently to be found
b. Organizing it
c. Shopping for a new pair of shoes

4. While you’re changing your baby’s diaper, you’re thinking…
a. I’m going to miss this when they’re older
b. Which side hustle should I pick? Maybe all three
c. One day, I’ll get them back. #oldage

5. Your kids are trying to show you something for, like, the millionth time. You are…
a. Actively engaged
b. Writing your speech for tonight’s PTA meeting while adding healthy food recipes to your Pinterest
c. Scrolling through Instagram

6. Your kids refuse to eat their vegetables. AGAIN. You…
a. Extol the virtues of healthy eating
b. Create funny little shapes with the carrots and tell an animated story about orange people
c. Bribe them with dessert

7. When you haven’t worn makeup in a week and you put on mascara and you’re like…
a. I wish I had more time to wear mascara
b. I’m going to do a makeup tutorial on YouTube
c. Watch out Beyonce, mama’s back

8. Your kids tell you they’re bored. You…
a. Give them the iPad
b. Invent an elaborate game that lasts 3 hours
c. Say, “Welcome to the club.”

9. When you say, “I’m NOT going to ask you again,” you actually…
a. Ask them three more times
b. Stick to your word, don’t waver, and schedule the time out
c. Go into your room and stream Netflix (you need a time out)

10. You yell at your kids. (It happens). You…
a. Feel horrible, cry, and apologize a thousand times
b. Turn it into a teaching moment complete with four life lessons
c. Don’t harp on it for a second

11. It’s the weekend! You are…
a. Crafting at home with the kids
b. Attending two birthday parties and a soccer game. Simultaneously
c. At the spa

12. It’s your kid’s 5th birthday party. What does that look like?
a. A park party with the entire class
b. DIY all the way. I’m even making the candles for the cake
c. Birthday parties aren’t really my thing

13. It’s Halloween! What’s the costume situation?
a. Family costumes. We’re each a character from Harry Potter
b. I’m sewing all the kids’ costumes by hand this year. And I have five kids
c. I’m a sex kitten. My partner is a mouse. Kids are trick or treating with the sitter

14. Which Bad Moms character do you most identify with?
a. Kiki (Kristin Bell’s character)
b. Amy (Mila Kunis’ character)
c. Carla (Kathryn Hahn’s character)

If you chose mostly A’s: You’re an amazing mom and you always put your kids first. This Mother’s Day, take some time out for yourself. You deserve it!


If you chose mostly B’s: You’re a total badass. You make stuff happen when the rest of us are sleeping or watching TV. Type A mama, we bow down.


If you chose mostly C’s: You’re the mom we all secretly aspire to be. Your house is always full of fun and laughter. You don’t take it all too seriously, yet somehow manage to have rad, well-adjusted kids.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful, amazing mamas out there! If it were up to us, it would be your day, every day.