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You’ll Fall in Love With This Easy Denim Jacket Formula

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Fall’s in, summer’s out, y’all. Forget about the sweltering weather, we’re all about hot drinks (pumpkin spice lattes, anyone?), autumn foliage, and cozy fall outfits! The transitional season blows hot and cold in a span of a few hours, making layering key to any good fall closet. That’s why every transitional wardrobe should have a denim jacket!

Perfect to throw on when it gets chilly or tie around the waist when the sun peeks out, a reliable jean jacket style is every cool girl’s secret to moody weather — summer AND fall.

From dresses to T-shirts, there are SO many things you can wear with a denim jacket, that sometimes we don’t even know where to begin! That’s why we love a good denim jacket outfit formula, especially one that we can wear again and again. So we asked our stylish senior designer Lauren to share her go-to, super-easy jean jacket outfit that gets her through the moody season.


Hiya! It’s me, Lauren. I’m a senior designer at thredUP and I’m kind of obsessed with denim. From cropped jean jackets to oversized denim jackets, each style brings something fresh and edgy to my outfit. Enough that I can bring it from work to cocktails by just adding lipstick and earrings!

Denim jackets are definitely my go-to for wearing around the office, so it was a no-brainer that the team would ask me to dish on how and what to wear with a denim jacket for fall.

Since I live in San Francisco, you never know when a cold front is going to roll in! Even in summer, you need at least a light jacket if not a parka. That’s why owning versatile pieces like a jean jacket is essential for layering that’s easy, functional, AND stylish.

This outfit is simple enough to get me out the door in mere minutes (which I love), but it’s also cute! My formula is pretty easy to follow and you can pull it off with any basics already in your wardrobe (though, as a self-proclaimed shopaholic, it never hurts to get more!). Read on for some tips on how to make it your own.

How to Rock this “It’s in My Jeans” Look


STYLING TIP #1: Denim Meets Denim

You can’t have too much of a good thing. The best pants to wear with a denim jacket are jeans! I love styling denim on denim, especially when transitioning into fall. It makes a statement, it’s insanely comfortable for cooler nights, and most importantly, it’s low effort.

I paired a light denim jacket with dark distressed denim jeans so I wasn’t wearing a Canadian tuxedo. Plus, it adds dimension to your look.

STYLING TIP #2: A Pop of Pattern



Denim on denim can be a little boring. A striped tee, or any kind of patterned top, layered under the jacket adds some much needed visual interest. I prefer a striped or even white T-shirt for a truly classic look that never goes out of style, especially when you add a pair of sneakers. Minimum effort, maximum style!

STYLING TIP #3: Color Me Cozy



My wardrobe is made up of all the different shades of black, blue, and white (very diverse, I know). To spice up my outfits, I usually top off with a colorful accessory. Quick and easy! For days I feel like being particularly cozy (and trendy), I add this scarf to my denim look. It brings color and a soft texture to an otherwise casual outfit.

When you leave the house in the morning and its chilly, wrap yourself up in the cozy warmth. Once the day wears on and it heats up, tie it on your tote as a cute accessory.

STYLING TIP #4: Kick It Up With Sneakers


Feeling too blah? One of my favorite fashion icons, Iris Apfel, once said “If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.” When I feel like my look is lacking in a little something-something, I throw on a pair of neutral sneakers for the perfect casual look. You can wear them on the weekends running errands or going out to the movies with friends. Honestly, you guys, sneakers are the unsung heroes of any outfit.



I wear this outfit religiously in fall, it’s just so easy, comfortable, and chic! But sometimes even the classics get a little boring. I amp it up with a dark lip and large fringe earrings. It’s my secret date night solution and it’s as effortless as it looks!

There’s something beautiful about simple formulas, isn’t there? Comment below on your favorite fall outfit and what you might add to this simple, easy outfit formula!