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5 Questions You’ve Always Had About Denim, Answered

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Since jeans are arguably the most important staple in our closets, it only makes sense that the majority of questions we get about styling are usually about denim. Anyone can throw on a pair of jeans and go, but when it comes to trickier trends like denim on denim, or how to elevate jeans for work or a night out, it gets more complicated. That’s where our style experts come in. We picked the top five questions we get asked the most, but if you have a question that didn’t get answered put it in the comments below and we’ll respond right away. Happy denim-ing!

How to Wear a Dress Over Jeans

It seems like an unlikely combination but it totally works. Have a dress that’s a little too short or has a slit that goes a little too high? Don’t put them in the purge pile just yet. Fashion’s best new trend is all about working with what you’ve got. Make sure your jeans are skinny and slim-fitting, and add heels or boots to keep the look intentional and polished. Now go and pull it off with the confidence of an Insta-style star. It’s easy, we swear.

How to Wear Denim on Denim

Typically, we would say that this trend is all about the subtle art of mixing light and dark washes and different textures, but this time around, it’s the “Canadian tuxedo redux” that’s on everyone’s minds. This season, take the look to new heights with same-wash pieces paired together for a look that’s fresh and modern. A chambray tucked into a pencil skirt or your high-waisted mom jeans topped with an oversized jean jacket. Too much denim is just the right amount of denim.

How to Wear Jeans and a T-Shirt to Work or a Party

A quick way to pull this off? Tuck a tee into your skinnies, drape a blazer over your shoulders, and add heels. Other simple style tricks: dark blue denim topped with a striped sweater and boots, adding statement pieces to your look (jacket, shoes, accessories), or layering knits like an oversized cardigan or crew.

What Color Shirt Goes with Light-Colored Jeans

To highlight a pair of light-wash or white jeans, pair with a rich hue like navy or burgundy. It creates a vibrant contrast that allows each piece to make a unique statement.

What Color Shirt Goes with Dark-Colored Jeans

Marigold yellow and red are great colors to try with dark blue or black jeans. Denim is the perfect canvas to experiment with more daring color combinations. Neutrals have had their moment—it’s time to shine in brights.

One of the reasons shopping secondhand is so much fun is because it allows us to try trends, discover new brands, and play with unexpected color combos without making a huge closet commitment. Let us know what outfits you put together and share pics on Instagram or Facebook with #secondhandfirst.