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What’s Inside The (Clean Out) Bag?

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Here at thredUP, we’re all about the adage out with the old, in with the (like) new. Nothing feels better than a closet filled only with items you actually wear. The other items, whether they were last year’s favorite piece or have been collecting dust since day one, are perfect candidates for a thredUP Clean Out Bag. As any thredUP seller knows, not every item is accepted from those Clean Out Bags. Enter What’s In The (Clean Out) Bag, a series in which we break down the Clean Out process. In this edition, we’ll look at which items are most likely to be accepted, which items just aren’t going to make the cut, and some tips and tricks that might increase your chance of getting a little cash this season.

Items thredUP Is More Likely To Accept:

1. New With Tags: if something is collecting dust in your closet and still has tags on it, chances are you won’t ever wear it. Chances are also high that thredUP will accept those items if they meet our other guidelines.


2. Plus Size: If anything in your wardrobe is plus, send it on over! We have a small but growing selection on our site, and hope to continue expanding it.

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3. Maternity: Styles change, your body changes, and you can always buy new(-to-you) maternity-wear on our site a different time around. The more maternity items you sell to thredUP, the more credit you’ll have to find new goodies, maternity or otherwise. Besides, what if you need maternity clothes during a new season?!

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4. Kids’: This one is very convenient. Kids grow right out of their clothes, and while hand-me-downs are a good thing to keep around, odds are that a younger child will want to pick out a few (like) new items for him or herself . Instead of hoarding old kids’ clothing, stick the pieces in your bag. If you’re concerned about getting your unaccepted items back, opt for Return Assurance!


5. Handbags & Shoes: We always need more of these items and are therefore more likely to accept them from your Clean Out Bag.

Items thredUP Won’t Accept:

1. Items Without A Size: No size, no acceptance. It’s okay if there’s no brand tag, but the item must have a size. Unless it’s a scarf. A size-less scarf will fly. Otherwise, resist sticking that piece in the bag.

2. Clothes With Holes: Think about it this way: if you were a buyer on thredUP, would you be happy opening up a package only to find your like-new item has a hole? Probably not. Holes are not the same as rips that came in the original item. Ripped jeans if they came that way are OK but sweaters with moth holes, not so much.

3. Dirty Items: Inspect your clothing for holes, gum, stains, and everything else that would make you say, “ew.” Here at thredUP we do a thorough inspection of all parts of a garment, and we won’t accept your item if it’s, um, gross. And it’s not just about surface stains; check inside those pockets too! If you’re unsure, give the items a final wash.

4. Items with missing buttons or hardware will also not be accepted. Take note!

Now, let’s play a little this not that. One item we do accept, one item we don’t.

LBDs: Little black dresses vs long bridal dresses. If you have little black dresses from cocktail parties past wasting space in your closet, definitely send them to thredUP. On the other hand, if you have a long bridal dress, even though you (probably) won’t rock it again, skip putting it in the thredUP bag and give it to a friend or family member, hold on to it as a keepsake, or donate it.

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BF jeans: We might accept your boyfriend jeans (check out our post all about denim if you’re not sure what constitutes a boyfriend jean). We won’t, however, accept your boyfriend’s jeans. Or your husband’s jeans. Or any kind of jean made for a man. Women’s clothing only, please! 

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Top Clean Out Tips From Our Merchandising Team:

1. Deciding between a Standard Clean Out Bag and a Donation Clean Out BagOrder both! Use the standard bag for items you’d like to get a little cash or credit for. Use a donation bag for items you just want out of your closet. Instead of a payout, you’ll get a donation tax receipt, and our charity partners will get cash for your clothes.

2. Take your (freshly laundered) clothes, fold them up and put them in the bag. Don’t worry about pressing them. They’re about to sit in a bag for days. Our team often steams items before photographing and putting them online anyway.

3. If you’re cleaning out a child’s closet, do yours at the same time. À la The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, do your tidying in chunks. Filling up a thredUP Clean Out Bag. This is a part of you closet cleanout chunk, and it will feel so good once all closets in the household are decluttered and more lean.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with your fellow thrifters? Send ’em our way, please! Below in the comments.