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Shopping secondhand reaps so many rewards we can hardly keep track of all of them. But if we had to distill it down to one tag line, it would go a little something like: you can uniquely express yourself in quality pieces without hurting your bank account or the environment. Now that was a mouthful! Let us explain.

You Can Let Your Individuality Shine

Shopping for new items can be a tough cycle to break. Shiny new things are fun; the four-year-old in all of us knows that. But all that glitters is not gold. Cultivating your individual style is more sustainable, and just plain cooler.

Living a secondhand lifestyle is the perfect opportunity to build your own unique sense of style. When you shop thredUP for like-new shirts, jeans, skirts, and other wardrobe essentials, you can create combinations that no one has seen before. Mix and match your like-new goodies and you’ll be a thousand times more likely to turn heads when you walk in a room. You know when you whip up a quick snack from old fridge ingredients and the blend of flavors is randomly fantastic? Trying new combos reaps huge rewards.


@violet_woods cultivating a secondhand wardrobe and experimenting with new combos.

You Can Afford High-Quality Pieces

If you love wearing designer pieces, rest assured that there’s no need to stop adding exclusive labels to your wardrobe. In fact, when you rock your secondhand lifestyle, you might be able to invest in even more high-quality pieces. SCORE!

Shopping for new-to-you treasures is the secret to getting more for less. When you pay a fraction of the price for designer labels, you can justify adding more high-value tops, bottoms, and accessories to your closet. You’ll get a high-quality wardrobe that lasts longer and stands up to frequent wear, and you get more bang for your buck. No better feeling.


@kaseygoedeker scored a brand new Alice + Olivia dress for $41. TG for secondhand deals.

You Can Fully Embrace an Eco-Friendly Way of Living

When you think of ways to help the environment, large-scale actions like decreasing your household energy consumption, taking public transportation, or buying locally grown food might pop into your mind. Living a secondhand lifestyle can also make a big impact on the environment, and might be the most realistic of those changes.

Think about it for a second. Buying new items requires resources and can contribute to pollution. In contrast, shopping for like-new items eliminates both of those issues and saves clothing and other household items from going to the landfill. Thinking #secondhandfirst and extending the life of clothing really does make a different.


@emma.vonderhaar shopping resale.


Tell us in the comments section why you think shopping secondhand is better than shopping new! We want to hear.