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Top 8 Workout Essentials To UP Your Fitness Game In 2018

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New year, new you, yadda, yadda, yadda. Here at thredUP, we’re not huge fans of New Year’s resolutions that make us feel bad about ourselves, or that set us up for failure. That said, if you’ve resolved to work out more in 2018, we’re here to give you some doable tips. Whether you’re doing it for vanity, health, a cure for boredom, whatever it is, exercise is, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing.

Keep reading for our top eight doable tips for getting back on your fitness game (this is also good for beginners). As always, consult your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen!

1. Find an activity you don’t dread.

OK, we’re going to come out and say it. In the beginning running/jogging is not pleasant (but it is cheap and you can do it anywhere). If you have the right gear, music, and a safe place to run you’ll get better over time and actually start to look forward to it. In the meantime, try hybrid run-walks. Walk for a few minutes, run for a few minutes, walk, run, you get the idea. There are tons of guides online to ease you into becoming a jogger.

If you’re not really the lone wolf type, try joining ClassPass and head to group Zumba, pilates, or cardio dance classes. If you love the fun, dance-y feel of Zumba, you might really love spinning (stationary bike class) too!


2. Get (like) new activewear you can’t wait to rock.

This one may seem obvious because we’re a company that sells clothing, but we are super serious when say that getting cute new or like-new workout gear is hugely motivating! Don’t be afraid to splurge on items that you’ll want to be seen in around town. Donning your workout gear hours before your workout for errands is a great way to hold yourself to your workout and not skip it. Plus, stretchy yoga pants make your bum look so good, you’ll need an excuse to wear them every weekend. Exercising is that excuse.

Here are some brands that are perfect to buy secondhand AND have styles that are cute enough for Saturday morning errands: Lululemon, Lucy, Fabletics, and Athleta.


3. Put all your workout accessories in one place so they’re easy to grab.

There are few things more likely to tempt you into skipping a workout than digging through your closet or dresser to find the stuff you need. Plan ahead for workouts by placing your headphones in your sneakers next to your water bottle. A simple basket in your closet or a dedicated drawer in your home are great places to start.

Some things to consider stocking up on: sweat-resistant earbuds, an armband to hold your phone, an easy-to-grab water bottle, a visor to keep the sun and your hair out of your eyes, and a cute gym bag.

4. Music is so important.

We alluded to this one above, but if you’re working out at home and/or solo, you need to put a little bit of thought into an awesome playlist. If you’re not super music-savvy, Spotify has a ton of great workout mixes based on your personality or activity!

5. Pencil it in your calendar like you would any other activity.

Make workout dates with pals and put them on the family Google calendar. You wouldn’t cancel brunch with a buddy unless you were ill, now it’s the same for your workouts.

The aforementioned ClassPass membership program charges you fees if you skip out on class less than 12 hours in advance, which will keep you honest!

6. Aim for at least three days a week. Don’t break the chain.

Just keep going. Just keep on moving day after day. You’ll get addicted to how good you feel, and if you stop for too long, you might forget just how good exercising feels. Consistency is key.

7. No. Excuses. Don’t even try it.

Save the excuses for when your dog eats your homework. No matter how busy or snowed in you are, you can always move. Something is always better than nothing. We love the 7 Minute Workout App. POPSUGAR Fitness’s YouTube channel also features a variety of no-equipment 10-minute workouts.


8. Don’t beat yourself up, but do set goals.

Always remember to be kind to yourself. You’ve resolved to move more for you and no one else. Sure, your better mood and health will benefit your family, but when you work out for you, you’ll really stick to it. Like with anything, give yourself some goals to stick to e.g. “I will sweat twice a week and squeeze in something strength-training related on the third day.”

Let us know in the comments section what you do for exercise!