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You’re Awesome. Love, James.

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Hi there,

With one of our favorite holidays (Mother’s Day!) right around the corner, I wanted to say thank you for being a part of our thredUP family. We’re like a proud mom when it comes to our customers and are so grateful for every single one of you.

One of the (million) things moms are so good at is teaching us life lessons. My mom showed me it’s the little things that make life big. She had a special way of taking something as ordinary as dinnertime and turning it into an extraordinary event.

I remember one time my mom surprised us at dinner and said, “How about we just have hot fudge sundaes from Carvel?” Sounded good to me! It became a semi-regular thing. Why eat dinner, when you can just eat ice cream!

For me, this was one of those childhood moments I’ll never forget, and one that always reminds me to be spontaneous and have fun.

This weekend, I wish you and your friends and family a Happy Mother’s Day, and I hope you celebrate with everyone and everything that you love—ice cream sundaes included. And as the cherry on top, you can use code WOWMOM for Free Shipping on 5/11 and 5/12.

Chief Knitwit