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How To: Organize Your Closet According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Organizing is something we all need to do but rarely have time for. For some of us, it’s an everyday joy that comes naturally, for others it takes a complete and total brain shift to accomplish one small task.

Like all other things in life, your org skills can be attributed to (or blamed on) your zodiac sign. Some signs, like those ruled by the earth, tend to be the most organized. We’re looking at you Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  Those ruled by water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are organized but not sticklers about it. The fire and air signs are the least organized and need a little bit of guidance and motivation to make things happen. So, play to your strengths, identify your shortcomings, and find the tips and tricks that will help you to the closet of your dreams.


You like to start a million projects at once and then have hard time finishing them. Best to make a list of everything you want to accomplish and start from the top. Don’t start a new task unless the one before is complete.


As one of the most organized signs in the Zodiac, you like to make sure every detail is in place. Pick a day when you have lots of free hours and try to tackle the entire closet at once.


If Taurus is one of the most organized signs, then Gemini is one of the least. You may want to hire out this task to a professional or enlist a little help from a friend. Since you tend to walk away from a task before it’s complete, you’ll need someone to help keep you accountable.


With a habit of hoarding, emotionally-driven Cancers like to hold on to their stuff. That’s okay, but get it out of the closet. If you don’t wear it or it doesn’t fit and you absolutely have to keep it, pack it up in a box, label it, and move it out to the garage. Take our simple Clean Out quiz to figure out what to donate, sell, or keep.


With a mind of their own, Leos don’t like being told what to do. But you do like being organized! So pick a good time (hint, hint: spring!) to get started on your closet cleanse and we’ll help you every step of the way. See Emily Henderson’s 7 Genius Ideas for Organizing Your Closet.


Natural-born organizers, Virgos can probably teach us a few things about cleaning out a closet. We’d love to hear your ideas! Send them to Since you tend to get super into your tidying sessions, we suggest this playlist to make it more fun.


While you’re not a HUGE fan of organizing and tidying, artistic Libras do recognize the need for it (i.e. you have a house guest, etc). Use a cool new app like KonMari to keep you motivated.


Your dedication to mastering a task is unlike any other. Remember to take breaks, eat light snacks, and don’t be so hard on yourself. A closet isn’t meant to be perfect, just a perfect reflection of you.


Already a perfectionist, you take pride in knowing about the latest trends in tidying and decluttering. The latest Marie Kondo book is on your bedside table and you’ve dog-eared many a page. thredUP will be your new best friend as you pass on all your unworn clothes and make room for new ones.


You love to delegate. Perfect. How people in your family? Give everyone a task and your closet will be organized in a flash. But do the editing yourself. Only you know what brings you joy.


You love your tried and true methods of doing things. Never one to deviate too much from your trusted ways, you could benefit from some fresh ideas. Change is good. Repeat. Change is good. Here’s some killer inspo!


Daily organizing? Nah. You prefer to wait until you absolutely have to do something about that huge pile in the corner. When it comes to cleaning out your closet, make of a day of it. Order food, play some music, invite some friends over and it’ll be over before you know it.

Get started right now and read HGTV home stylist Emily Henderson’s 7 Genius Ideas for Organizing Your Closet. Tell us how it goes in the comments!