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Lighter closet. Fresher style. Brighter planet.

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How It Works

It’s seriously easy to clean out your closet with thredUP

  • 1. Fill up your kit

    Free up space in your closet by filling any box or bag with gently used items you no longer wear, need, or love.

  • 2. Send us your stuff

    Place the shipping label on the box or bag and drop it off with FedEx or USPS.

  • 3. We do the rest!

    When eligible items sell, cash out or get shopping credit. All about payouts.

Why ThredUP

We do the work to give your items a second life.

  • Shirt
    Convenient service

    After a 12-point inspection, items that meet our are photographed, listed, and shipped to thrifters.

  • Earth
    Sustainability guaranteed

    Our mission is to and extend the life of clothing through resale, reuse, and responsible recycling.

  • Speech
    World-class technology

    We work to ensure your items sell as quickly as possible, using sophisticated algorithms and personalized marketing.

Ready for closet bliss?