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Fabletics | Yitty is partnering with thredUP to keep our earth in good shape, helping everyone recirculate their gently used clothes. You’ll get Fabletics | Yitty shopping credit just for cleaning out your closet! Plus, Fabletics | Yitty VIP members will also receive 50 loyalty points.

Fabletics | Yitty

How It Works

  1. Activate or Print a Label

    Already have a shipping label? Activate it here. Or print a free shipping label to use on any box.

  2. Fill Any Box

    Drop in women’s and kids’ clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories and send your box to thredUP via USPS or FedEx Office.

  3. Get Fabletics | Yitty Credit*

    Earn Fabletics | Yitty shopping credit for your eligible items. The rest will be reused or responsibly recycled, or opt to have your items returned.

Bonus! For a limited time, earn an extra 15% in Fabletics | Yitty shopping credit.

The Future of Fashion is Circular

Together with our partners, thredUP is committed to slowing down fashion waste and reducing its impact on our planet by extending the life of clothing. By giving your items a second life, you’re keeping clothing in use and out of landfill.

*Payouts are based on thredUP’s estimated resale value of the accepted items per kit. Some low-priced items are ineligible for a payout because their processing costs are higher than their resale value.

Have questions? View our FAQs or email us at fabletics@thredup.com