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Shop Her Closet: 30 Best Dressed Women only at thredUP

Peek into the dreamy closets of thredUP’s top sellers and shop their styles for Girls Inc.

See Whose Closets You’ll Be Dying to Raid

Welcome to Shop Her Closet, where we partner with stylish women to sell their clothes for good. Take a peek into the dreamy closets of thredUP’s top 30 sellers—from your favorite celebs to badass moms—and shop their clothes and accessories for charity. 100% of the proceeds goes to Girls Inc., whose mission is to help empower the next generation of women to thrive.

Find Out What It Takes to Be a Superstar Seller

How did we pick these 30 incredible closets? It wasn’t easy. There are so many amazing women who clean out their closets with us and send in thousands of sought-after styles every day. All of the sellers featured not only have raid-worthy closets (and to-die-for handbags) but they’ve made an unwavering commitment to think secondhand first. Each of them has a thredUP Style Score above 80 (the average is 50).*

The Future is Female

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Girls Inc. to help the next generation of women thrive. Girls Inc. is a non-profit organization that encourages all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy. They provide life-changing after school programs and experiences that help girls grow up to be healthy, educated, and independent. thredUP is dedicated to supporting all women and girls in our vibrant communities.

Shop Her Closet: 30 Best Dressed includes 30 incredibly stylish thredUP customers. From your favorite celebrity closets to the wardrobes of badass moms—these are some of the best dressed women in 2018. Shop their styles while supporting Girls Inc., to help the next generation of women thrive. For more information head to thrEDIT.

*The thredUP Style Score is based on the average percentage of items accepted from Clean Out Bags, the number of items sent in from our most popular brands, and how quickly the items find a new home in someone else’s closet.