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ThredUp's Great Puzzle Pop-Up

To support Feeding America, we’re hosting a puzzle party! Why? Because puzzles are harder to find than TP (yep) right now. Because you can only do that cat puzzle five more times before it gets weird. Because we love passing on stuff that brings joy.


How It Works

  1. Print a Label

    Get a free puzzle-only shipping label to ship as many puzzles as you like (limited to 3 labels per person). Please send your puzzles by themselves, not in a Clean Out bag.

  2. Send Puzzles

    Apply the shipping label to any box and put in your puzzles. Please note, we will not be paying out puzzles postmarked on or after 5/21 See terms & conditions.

  3. Get Puzzles (Do Good Too)

    Buy a puzzle for $4.99 each plus shipping, and we'll give $1 to Feeding America (up to $10K!). Valid until 6/1/2020.

Take the Puzzle Pledge

Pieces lost to the void? Only send complete puzzles please! Puzzle Karma is a thing.

*The maximum aggregate credit you may receive is $50.

Puzzled? Here’s The Missing Piece

Small joys are bringing us together now more than ever and puzzles are a big one. So big that puzzle companies can’t keep up! Unless people start mixing different puzzles together (not recommended), everyone needs new-to-them puzzles. Thankfully, we have the know-how to help find new homes for puzzles everywhere. We hope you’ll help us pass on the fun and do some good, too.

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