Published on august 23, 2023

Flawed Gems: Thrift Diamonds in the Rough

written by Team thredUP

If you’re familiar with how things go around here, then you know we accept alllll sorts of items in great condition, including over 55,000 unique brands(!!!). Every now and then, we’ll come across extra-special designer items that get us super duper excited. So much so that we bend our own rules around condition and give you the chance to shop them at the lowest prices ever. We call them Flawed Gems.

 We’re all about second chances

It’s super important for us to continue to give new life to used clothes—even if they don’t meet our typical standards. The more clothes kept in circulation and out of landfill the better the state of our planet. Did you know that 73% of apparel is sent to landfill or incinerated? 95% of which could be reused or recycled! You might find a fixer-upper or two, but these high-style pieces have plenty of life in them for a second go in someone’s closet. 

What to expect

Let the treasure hunt begin! When shopping these high-end styles, we provide you with accurate condition descriptions and detailed photography that you can view after clicking on an item. You’ll always know exactly what kind of wear to expect! There are signs that these pieces have been cherished, but they still have plenty of miles left on them, no doubt. A missing button here, a small makeup stain there—these closet staples have more signs of wear than what we normally sell, but are definitely #OOTD ready. 

Think Gucci shoes with exterior scuffing or an Acne top with a small pen mark for example. The wear might be visible, but they have the staying power to take any look to the next level no questions asked.

How to care for your own Flawed Gems

Got some fixer-uppers of your own? We’ve got some clothing care tricks up our sleeve to help you extend the life of your own clothing. Check out our secrets to making your clothes last! You’ll get the 411 on washing, stain hacks and more ways to keep your closet faves in top shape for longer.