Published on august 7, 2023

Bingo is Baaack: Play and Win a $500 Shopping Spree

written by Team thredUP

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Starts August 3, 2023, ends August 31, 2023. Terms apply, see here.

The thredUP Bingo you know and love is back and it’s better than ever. We’ll be celebrating all the good you do with exclusive promos, free shipping, and a $500 grand prize.


We think our community of thrifters deserve a month of treats for all the good they do! That’s why August is officially Secondhand Month, a celebration of your sustainable choices. Headlining our month of thrift fun: BINGO! Our annual game with exclusive promos, free shipping, and a $500 grand prize.


Ready your virtual markers, thrifters. thredUP Bingo is back again for another month of thrifty fun. This time, the prizes are better than ever and there will be more winners too. Your chances are looking good. Here’s how to play:

  1. Complete each square’s action to fill it (a free space means you don’t have to do anything). Getting five across, diagonal, or vertical means BINGO!
  2. UPDATE: For ALL bingos you get this month, you’ll earn 50 thredUP Rewards points, plus one raffle entry to our giveaway with a $500 grand prize! This includes any bingos you got before this update. 20 lucky winners will get an amazing shopping spree. 
  3. You get one BINGO card for the whole month of August, 8/3 to 8/31. Up your chances of winning a prize by completing the entire card. That’s 12 entries.


How do I start playing? 

To play simply start completing bingo tasks on your bingo board, which is on desktop or the app. We’ll send you email reminders too, so make sure you’re opted into our emails (do that here). What are you waiting for??? Play here or download the app.

Do I have to complete all bingo tasks exclusively on the app or desktop?

All tasks can be completed on the app or on the desktop site unless stated otherwise. Just make sure you’re opted into our alerts for handy reminders.

Do I need to mark my own bingo card?

Nope, we do all the work! All the actions you complete will automatically be recorded and reflected every morning at 8AM on your personal bingo board. Just fill out those squares and have fun.

How do I check my progress?

Each task you complete will be automatically marked on your personal bingo card which is updated at 8AM every morning.

What if I fill out my entire bingo card, can I get another one?

We love an ambitious bingo player, but each person gets ONE bingo card. Don’t let that stop you from completing it though! Finishing your board will boost your chances of winning that $500 prize (12 entries is a lot).

I was earning 25 points per bingo before, now every bingo is worth 50 points. Do I get more points for the bingos I got before?

Yes, the thredUP Rewards points you earned from past bingos will retroactively double! In total, you can now earn 600 Rewards points for 12 bingos.

When will I know the results?

This is a month-long bingo game, so the lucky winner will be announced in September. Subscribe to our emails and keep an eye out!


There are sooo many ways to get a BINGO. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, here are some hot tips that’ll get you closer to the grand prize.

Save big, win big

There are 6 squares with bingo-exclusive promotional codes so you can fill your closet with gems and bingo squares at the same time. Plus, the more bingos you get, the more points you’ll earn (for these rewards), and the better your chances of winning a prize. All the more reason to shop for the planet!

Keep an eye out for sales

Bingo is full of discounts, but the biggest deals have yet to drop. Get your shop on during our Secondhand Day sale which fills a square. Be the first to know when this sale (and many more!) will happen, subscribe to app alerts or email.

Clean out, do good!

Secondhand Month is all about keeping great clothes out of landfill, including your own! Ordering a Clean Out Kit (bag or label!) gets you one step closer to a $500 shopping spree and a whole new-to-you closet. 

Get our alerts

You’ll find email reminders from us every week, so subscribe to those. Want to take bingo on the go? Opt into app notifications or SMS alerts. Bonus! Signing up for SMS is a bingo task. And so is verifying your email! Easy.

Learn thredUP basics
With more than a million items on the site, thredUP can be overwhelming to sift through. Find what you want fast and fill in some squares in the process by learning the following thrifting hacks!

Save your searches: Love that brand? Looking for a pair of heels? On the hunt for a purple dress for a wedding? Be the first to know about the latest arrivals by saving your searches.

Simply search for either a category (like a purple cocktail dress) or a brand (like Madewell) and you’ll be prompted to save the keyword. You’ll get an email whenever there’s something new. 


Save your sizes: Why browse through thousands of items that don’t fit? Save your size preferences here to instantly filter everything you browse. You’ll find the perfect fit right away. Remember to save all your sizes or you won’t get this bingo action.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 9.14.00 PM


Favorite your items: Build a formidable wishlist of goodies by favoriting items while you browse! Simply tap the ❤️ whenever you see an item you’d like to keep an eye on. Keep track of the things you love here.

ABB: Always be bundling
There are several squares that have a discount code, which means that you have to make one purchase per code. Shipping costs per order could stack up (yuck)! Get around extra shipping costs by choosing our bundled shipping option.

How does bundled shipping work? Bundled shipping combines items from multiple orders into as few packages as possible to ship together. You have 7 days to bundle all your purchases before your order(s) ship. It’s our most sustainable shipping option!

You can find more information on bundled shipping here.

Learn more about thredUP shopping hacks.

Ready, set, bingooooooo!