Published on march 16, 2023

Repaired by thredUP: Mended Items Are Here!

written by Team thredUP

We have one rule here: keep as many clothes in use as possible. Sometimes we receive really amazing clothes that need just a little bit of love to be as good as new! That’s why we’ve partnered with refurbishment experts in our new mending program. From replacing missing buttons and patching holes, to cleaning stains and buffing out scuffs, we’re going the extra mile to give some standout items a second chance at life!

Why Mending Matters

Did you know 1 in 2 people toss their clothes straight in the trash? Fast fashion and wear-once culture has totally changed how we see clothes; from something that’s designed to last to something that’s designed to be worn once and tossed if damaged.

Mending brings intention back to our clothes. The better we treat the things we wear, the more value we’ll see in them and the longer we’ll keep them for, whether it’s in our closet or someone else’s! It’s an important step towards a more mindful fashion future. We’re excited to send even more perfectly good clothes into closets.

Most mending or repairs can be done in 10 minutes or less, but can add years to the lifespan of a garment. By extending an item’s life by just nine months, it reduces your carbon footprint by 25%! Thrifting matters. Mending matters. Ready to bring more intention to your closet? Check out our handy clothing care guides to start.

Meet Our Partners


With Hemster’s expert garment refurbishment services, we can extend each and every item’s lifespan by up to 9 years! Whether it’s damage as small as a loose button, or as large as a ripped seam, Hemster goes the extra mile to bring an item back to life. All laundering is completed in cold water using energy-efficient machines with microplastic filters. If necessary, dry cleaning is done using eco-friendly machines without the use of toxic chemicals like percholoethylene.

Our friends at Hemster don’t just make damaged clothes as good as new, they can make them even BETTER than new with visible mending! This special technique highlights signs of wear instead of hiding it. Hemster might fix up a particularly big hole in a sweater with a hot pink patch, or reinforce super worn jeans with some contrast stitching. These little details are like little badges of honor for our clothes. 🙂

Rago Brothers

Love handbag flipping vids on TikTok? The Rago Brothers have been at this game for YEARS! They’re masters of leather repair, specializing in jackets, shoes, and handbags. Their highly skilled team of artisans will give even the most faded items a good-as-new shine.


How do you decide which items get to be repaired?

In a perfect world (and with an unlimited budget), we’d repair every item we could! Our team picks items that are worth sending in for repair by assessing the value of the brand, the overall quality of the item, and the level of difficulty to make it as good as new. Like a stained suede designer jacket, or a cute sweater that has one too many holes.

There are diamonds in the rough that are worth going the extra mile for if it means keeping them in closets and out of landfill. If you see an item that’s marked as “Repaired” on our site, you know it’s going to be an AMAZING find.

Some repaired items feature “Visible Mending”, what does that mean?

Our partners do their best to invisibly mend rips and tears, but some signs of wear are impossible to hide. Visible mending is an intentional technique that highlights imperfections instead of masking them. It’s a celebration of every item’s journey! We might close up a ripped seam with contrast stitching, reinforce a worn spot with cool embroidery, or cover a hole with a plaid patch. Some say flaw, we say flaunt.

What happens to the clothes that don’t get repaired?

These moderate to heavily worn items typically get recirculated through our Rescues program or through our aftermarket and recycling partners.