Published on april 1, 2023

We’re Doing it BIG This Earth Month: Here’s How to Celebrate (!!)

written by Team thredUP

Earth Day is celebrated every day around here, but we love any excuse for a party! While we’re committed to fighting fashion waste every day of the year, Earth Month gives us a chance to celebrate the wins and imagine a world where everybody thrifted.

ICYMI, here’s why thrifting matters: Buying one used item instead of new, reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 25% per wear.* Fashion is one of the most pollutive industries in the world, and we can all help the planet by transforming the way we consume. This Earth Month, we want to thank you for shaping the future of fashion with us. Your decision to choose used over new matters. We’ve come a looong way, thrifters, let’s keep this party going. Ready for planet-lovin’ FUN?

Deals, deals, & bigger deals! 

Mark your calendars, this month we’re dishing out extra ways to save like never before to help you shop with the planet in mind. Everything’s already up to 90% off, but the deals are about to get even deeper. Keep watch for the Go Green Sale and the official Earth Month Sale! Check our site DAILY, it’s about to get oh so very green and we’ve never done sustainable savings like this before.

P.S. You do the planet good, you get good! Earn points for redeemable rewards just by shopping. More points = more perks! PLUS, you can see the eco impact of your purchases.

Social Media Tips & Tricks

The party doesn’t stop there! Follow us on socials (Instagram and TikTok!) for hacks on how to make your clothes last, superb fashion inspo, and to have a good ol’ laugh with our community of thrifters. Being sustainable can be fun, give us a follow and we’ll show you.

Thrift Like a Pro This Earth Month

#1 Filter
Filtering will be your best friend when you’re sifting through items on our site. You can filter by size, color, brand, style, and more to find exactly what you want. For example, if you’re looking for a floral midi dress for a casual event, we’ve got you covered! In the dress category, choose “Casual” under “Occasion,” “Midi” under “Style,” “Calf Length” under Length,” and “Floral” under “Pattern.” Through filtering you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect item faster than ever. 

#2 Save Searches
If you have a set of filters you love, you can save them as a search. Do you want to find only like-new, teal J.Crew flats in size 6? You got it. Save a search for them and we’ll send you an email or notification the moment they hit our site. We’ll also let you know if items matching your search have been recently marked down too!

#3 Save Your Sizes
Since all our secondhand items are one-of-a-kind, it’s just a bummer to get excited about things that don’t fit. So, the first thing you should do when you start browsing is to select your sizes. And not just your standard dress size, but ALL your sizes. Waist size, shoe size, you get the picture. And don’t worry, you can easily turn your saved sizes off if you’re searching for an item for someone else.

Take Our Fashion Footprint Quiz

Are you really as sustainable as you think? Get excited because we partnered with independent environmental research firm Green Story Inc. to create thredUP’s Fashion Footprint Quiz! It’s a tool anyone can use to quickly determine their carbon footprint associated with clothing purchase, care, and disposal habits, and to find out how small actions like shopping secondhand or air drying your clothes can make a big impact in reducing it. 

How does it work?

thredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator offers simple, actionable tips for reducing your footprint. In just three minutes, you can learn what habits make the biggest difference when it comes to making your closet – and the fashion industry – more sustainable.

  • Answer ten questions about how you buy, wear and care for your clothes.

  • Each question includes tips and stats to teach you how each fashion habit contributes to your footprint.

  • thredUP will reveal the total carbon your closet generates annually, along with how you compare to the average consumer.

  • Learn the top ways to reduce your footprint (it’s easier than you’d think!), and check out thredUP’s top 12 tips to transform your sustainable fashion journey.

Geek Out Over Our 2023 Resale Report

It’s kind of like Christmas around here, right now. It’s time for our annual Resale Report! It’s that time of the year where we gather all the data we can about the current state of secondhand, and we find out SO. MUCH. GOOD. NEWS. As our CEO (that would be our very own James Reinhart) says in the foreword, “It’s clear we’re on a promising trajectory, and by working together through collective action, we have the power to alter fashion’s future for the better.” And we know you’re excited because you love thrifting too, obvi. Go on, give it a read! In the meantime, here’s a teaser of some new findings in this year’s report. 

Stay tuned and keep watch! We have loads more planet-lovin’ fun up our sleeve.