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Bigger, Better, Thriftier Than Ever: Meet the New thredUP Rewards

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featureImageEvery time you choose used over new, you’re choosing better savings, a totally unique closet, and a brighter future for our planet. Thrifting matters and we think it’s worth rewarding! Meet thredUP Rewards, our little way of saying thank you every time you think secondhand first.

How It Works

  1. Earn Points

Being sustainable has its perks! Every time you make a purchase, you get 1 point for every $1 spent. You may also earn points by doing other things, like following us on Instagram or cleaning out for the first time.

    2. Redeem Rewards

You can use your points to redeem rewards like free shipping or a discount off a future order. 

   3. Level Up Your Tier

When you join our program, you’ll be placed in one of three tiers based on how much you shop. Each tier comes with exclusive benefits! Every time you reach a new tier, you unlock exclusive benefits and rewards. More on tiers below!

Meet Your Tiers


Can we interest you in year-long perks? At the start of each calendar year, you’ll fall into one of three different tiers based on how much you spent the prior year Star, Superstar, and Very Important Thrifter (VIT). All tiers have amazing benefits, but higher tiers have more perks. Which tier you’re in is based on how much you spend per calendar year, so you can level up during the year itself. Here’s just a few of the benefits each tier enjoys:

Birthday Rewards


We love any excuse for a party, especially if it’s your birthday. All tiers will get a birthday reward. At the beginning of your birthday month, we’ll send you a choice of either free shipping or $10 off as a gift. You’ll have the entire month to use your gift. Ready to party? Add your birthday here.

Sustainability Experiences


A lot of you asked for more deep dives into the world of sustainability, so we’re here to deliver! We hold events (open to all) that touch on topics like sustainable fashion and retail, how to live a mindful lifestyle, and more. Expect guest appearances, engaging roundtable talks, educational blog posts, and more good, green fun. 

Free Shipping


The higher the tier, the lower your free shipping threshold. Stars must spend at least $79 to get free shipping on their order, Superstars must spend $59, while VITs only need to spend $29!

Annual Sale

Big deals are coming for everybody. All tiers have access to our biggest sale of the year, but Superstars and VITs get a bigger discount boost. VITs will also get early access! 

Point Multiplier Events

Throughout the year, we’ll have special point multiplier events for all tiers. During these events, any purchase you make will earn more points. The higher the tier, the more points you’ll get for every $1 spent.

See all benefits here.

Meet Your Eco Impact


thredUP Rewards isn’t just about shopping, we’re here to celebrate your sustainable choices too. Every time you thrift, you’re displacing the need for new clothing production and reducing your carbon, waste, and water footprints. But by how much? We got answers. You can now see how much you’ve saved by shopping on thredUP by checking your Eco Impact. If you needed more reasons to thrift loudly, you got it! 

Want to know how we calculate your impact? See our methodology

Your Questions, Answered


Psst, what’s thredUP Rewards again?

thredUP Rewards is our free rewards program. You can earn points by doing stuff like making purchases, following us on Insta, and more. Points can be used to redeem awesome rewards (free shipping, anyone?). 

How do I know what tier I’m in? 

Your tier is based on how much you’ve spent in a calendar year. Being a Star is free. To reach a higher tier, keep choosing used on thredUP! Want to know where you stand right now? Check your tier here

To become a Superstar, you must spend at least $200 in the calendar year.

To become a VIT, you must spend at least $1,000 in the calendar year. 

Got your eyes on being a Superstar or VIT? Start shopping.

What happened to my points from the old thredUP Rewards?

Any remaining points carried over into 2022 with the launch of the new thredUP Rewards were converted to our new points system. In the old program, you earned 10 points per dollar spent, in the new program you get 1 point for every dollar spent. Points earned before 2022 were adjusted by a 10:1 ratio. For example, if you had 100 thredUP Rewards points in the old program, you now have 10 points in our new program. Don’t worry, the cost of rewards were adjusted too!

How is my spend calculated? 

At the time of your order, the order subtotal (the amount of money spent after discounts, before taxes and shipping fees) will count towards your tier progression. This is considered your pending spend until your return window ends. 

Pending Spend = Total Order Cost – (Shipping Fees + Taxes + Discounts) 

If you return any items from your order, the cost of those items will be retroactively deducted from your total spend. Once the order’s return window has passed, your spend will be counted toward your tier progress. 

Annual spend = Pending Spend – Cost of Returned Items