Published on october 11, 2021

The Ultimate 2022 Guide to the Top 30 Sustainable Brands to Try

written by Team thredUP

Congrats! Just by being here (on thredUP), you’re already shopping much more sustainably. Did you know? Choosing one item used over new reduces your carbon, waste, and water footprints by 82%. The constant production of new clothes and throwaway culture is taking a toll on our planet.

The single best thing you can do for the planet is shop secondhand or shop sustainable brands. The most sustainable thing ever? Shopping sustainable brands secondhand! Whatever you choose to do, we’re living in a golden age of sustainable and ethical brands, so you’ve got plenty of choices. Jumpstart your conscious closet with our comprehensive guide to all things sustainable meets style.

Best Sustainable Brands for Every Day

1. Alternative Apparel

For your everyday basics, turn to Alternative Apparel. Since the company launched in 1995, it has been creating vintage-style clothing. Over 80% of the garments produced are made with sustainable processes and materials!

2. Amour Vert

When the founders of Amour Vert learned that fashion was one of the worst pollutive industries, they decided to start a company to change that. Production happens with a zero-waste philosophy, using non-toxic dyes and sustainable fabrics. Snag styles like comfy striped tees, playful printed dresses, and casual slacks – all while doing good for the environment.

3. Conscious Collection by H&M

The Conscious Collection by H&M helps you look good while doing good. This collection is built on seven commitments to conscious actions, each of which helps make the fashion industry more sustainable while making customers feel proud of what they choose to wear.

4. Threads 4 Thought

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Threads 4 Thought started in 2006 as a response to the common waste practices in the fashion industry. The first collection included a few T-shirts, made from responsibly sourced materials and graphic designs inspired by the meaning behind the movement. Today, Threads 4 Thought is one of the most sustainable clothing brands in the world, with a massive collection of clothing and accessories.

5. People Tree

Founded in 1991, People Tree is a pioneer in sustainable Fair Trade fashion and invests heavily in positive environmental and social impact. Advocating for more than just fair wages, People Tree mentors producers to hone their skills and strengthen their business acumen. The brand’s refined styles are made of natural materials using traditional skills combined with low-impact, environmentally-friendly technologies.

6. Krotchet Kids International

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Looking for a super-soft T-shirt made of organic materials and signed by the woman who made it? Look no further than Krotchet Kids International. This brand offers job opportunities to women in need to break the cycle of poverty and highlight the people who make our clothes.

7. Pact

What are my clothes made of and who made them? Pact will answer ALL your questions. A Fair Trade Factory Certified™ clothing company, Pact’s super-soft basics and activewear are made of organic long-staple cotton, so it’s kind to the people who made them, the earth, and your skin.

8. Tentree

On a mission to become the most environmentally-progressive brand on the planet, Tentree is using its sustainably-made basics (made of cork, coconut, recycled polyester and more!) as a vehicle for change. How? For every item purchased, they’ll plant a tree in countries affected by deforestation. You’ll even get a token and code that will let you track your tree’s growth!

Best Sustainable Contemporary Brands

1. Reformation

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Reformation puts sustainability at the core of everything it does, designing adorable, edgy clothes through efficient and eco-friendly technologies and practices. These include green building initiatives and minimizing energy, water, and waste footprints. Locally sourced and screened suppliers provide the materials needed for each piece.

2. Ninety Percent

This London-based brand is an up-and-comer in the sustainable fashion scene. Shop relaxed, feminine styles made of sustainable materials like organic cotton and Tencel (made from renewable wood pulp), with peace of mind because 90% of profits go toward charitable causes and those who make Ninety Percent’s collection happen. That’s a lot of good.

3. Everlane

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Everlane believes everyone can make a difference. This trendy fashion brand has its own way of doing business, with radical transparency, exceptional quality, and ethical factories. You can feel good about every piece of apparel from this sustainable fashion line, especially their collection, Renew, which is made from recycled plastic bottles!


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Looking for bold prints and modern silhouettes? Obsessed with jumpsuits? You’ll love THE KIT! This self-described chic tomboy brand zeroes in on three sustainable pillars: fabric, printing, and waste. To minimize over-production, all of THE KIT’s garments are produced and printed on demand. Slow fashion at its best.

5. Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is another eco-friendly fashion brand with a passion for responsible commerce and quality handmade products. The apparel within the lineup is designed by women, for women, with a heavy emphasis on responsibility.


Chic basics, contemporary pieces, and romantic silhouettes – LACAUSA is precisely what you’re craving. Founded in 2013, LACAUSA uses a low-waste design process that’ll make you look good and feel good. Plus, the brand provides fair living wages and working conditions for all of its employees.

7. Theory

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Theory, a New-York based modern brand, is here to fulfill all of your fashion and sustainability needs. The brand launched a recent initiative, Theory For Good, to produce all of their clothes using ethically sourced textiles. Theory hopes that their fabrics will reach 100% traceability by 2025.

Best Sustainable Denim Brands

1. DL 1961

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DL 1961 is a premium denim brand working to change the standard production method. When producing denim in the traditional way, the process results in heavy pollution. DL 1961 uses responsibly sourced raw materials and partners with socially responsible vendors to reduce this pollution output when making their awesome jeans.

2. Boyish Jeans

You’ll also love the California cool styles from Boyish Jeans. Their denim is produced with recycled cotton, Tencel, and vintage fabrics, and uses 1/3 the amount of water of regular denim! They also recycle all their water so there’s no pollution in the process.

3. Levi’s

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The leading denim brand that you know and adore, Levi’s could never let you down. Through sustainably sourcing cotton for their denim, the brand has saved over 4.2 billion liters of water since 2011. Want to extend the lifespan of your favorite Levi’s jeans? The brand also has their Tailor Shop for redesigns and repairs. Sustainability is at the heart of Levi’s and it definitely shows!

Best Sustainable Luxe Brands

1. Eileen Fisher

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The mission of the Eileen Fisher apparel brand is to embrace simplicity, great design, and sustainability. Along with producing supercomfortable, high-quality apparel (you’ll want to wear their pieces 24/7) the company works to support human rights, the environment, and global initiatives.

2. Stella McCartney

A pioneer in sustainable luxury, Stella McCartney’s mission is to positively impact its supply chain from start to finish. Not only is this brand as chic as chic can be, its sleek design ethos offers innovating stylish and environmentally-friendly alternatives to leather and fur. They are leader in the space when it comes producing cutting-edge alternative materials that will stand the test of time.

3. Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne is high in style, quality, and environmental impact (3 for 3!). The brand uses luxurious but sustainable materials in their pieces, such as recycled, undyed cashmere and sustainable alpaca and yak fur. Jenni Kayne values slow fashion, natural fibers, local production, and overall, a healthy Earth.

Best Sustainable Activewear Brands

1. Patagonia

Patagonia focuses on outdoor apparel that keeps you warm. The company’s mission statement focuses on using their business to inspire and implement solutions to environmental issues, causing no unnecessary harm to the world, and building the best possible products. Their items are truly meant to stand the test of the time, and are great to buy secondhand.

2. prAna

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prAna is a clothing and lifestyle company focused on inspiring free-spirited, active, and healthy living. Sustainability initiatives include using organic and recycled materials, fair trade, polybag reduction, responsibly sourced forest materials, and traceability. The people behind the brand feel strongly about creating versatile and sustainable clothing.

3. Outdoor Voices

Whether it’s for your health or for the planet, Outdoor Voices believes in doing things. Its iconic colorblocked styles are of recycled polyester fabric made from post-consumer water bottles, and their Seamless collection is knitted as a tube to minimize waste and extra scraps. All so you can stay active and rest easy.

4. Girlfriend Collective

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Girlfriend Collective began as an activewear company focused on transparency in its supply chain, and while that’s still a huge focus for them, every item they make is created from recycled plastics making them not only ethical but also very eco-conscious. Their  recycled water bottle leggings are their most well-known item, and their new LITE line is made from recovered ocean plastic. Comfy high waisted leggings are their signature – you’ll want to wear them all the time.

Best Sustainable Brands for Accessories

1. Allbirds 

The world’s most comfortable shoe is also totally planet-friendly! From shoelaces made from recycled water bottles to the sugarcane used to make the SweetFoam™ cushioned sole Allbird’s sleek sneakers are sustainable from top to bottom. Its upper is either made from certified superfine Merino wool or TENCEL™ Lyocel, a sustainable tree fiber that cuts its carbon footprint by half.


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With one foot in design and the other in sustainability, VEJA brings eco-friendly materials and fair trade standards to the streetwear game. The soles are crafted from natural rubber consciously harvested from the Amazon, and the uppers are made from organic cotton. Aside from taking measures to minimize the negative impact of the leather tanning process, VEJA is also exploring leather alternatives including vegan leather and fish leather.

3. Cuyana

Fewer is better according to Cuyana, and they make a great case for it with their timeless handbags, all of which are made from high-quality materials by skilled craftsmen across the world. Cuyana’s Lean Closet program (we’re a part of that!) asks customers to help empower women by sending in used clothes and donating them to victims of abuse.


TOMS makes social good part of its DNA with efforts such as its program to match every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need. The brand’s iconic slip-ons are made of sustainable and vegan materials like natural hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester, so you’re getting and giving good with every step

Did we miss anything? Tell us your favorite sustainable brands in the comments below.