Published on june 13, 2022

15 Activewear Brands Like Outdoor Voices That Will Get Your Heart Pumping

written by Team thredUP

If you’re in the market for cozy-chic activewear that is eco-friendly and begs to be worn post yoga sesh, pull up a chair. Outdoor Voices makes clothes that are meant to get you more comfortable with just doing stuff. OV also keeps their environmental impact at a minimum and values our planet by implementing sustainable practices and materials. Keeping a finger on the pulse of environmental impact is an absolute must AND their All Day collection will literally give your go-to cozy sweatshirt/jogger combo a run for its money.

The year is young and if activewear is on your laundry list of things to levelUP (had to, #sorrynotsorry #thriftloudly) in 2022, then check out these 15 brands who are not only doing the eco-WERK but will have you looking incredible whether you’re putting in work or just doing life.

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1. Alternative Apparel

From their organic cotton blends to their hemp blend, Alternative Apparel has got a grasp on oh-so-supple fabrics. Their Alternative Eco line, which features all sustainable fabrics, is filled with comfy attire that will have you ready to take on anything in your day.

2. Athleta

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Athleta makes clothes for almost every activity. From hiking, to travel or even training in the cold, there’s a fit for every vibe. As a giant brand, Athleta has set huge ethically conscious goals for themselves this year that all revolve around sustainability. For instance, 60% of Athleta materials are made from sustainably sourced materials and water-saving techniques have been implemented to keep the progress going. Music to our ears!

3. Boody

Simple, but effective. Snatch up your everyday-basic, sustainable, and good-looking activewear from Boody. All of Boody’s activewear is produced from eco-certified bamboo viscose, making their pieces ultra soft, breathable, and thermo-regulated. Not to mention, the brand uses a zero-waste production process. Big win. Get your hands on their range of activewear basic essentials, like leggings, T-shirts, sports bras, and more.

4. Girlfriend Collective

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Water bottles clog our waterways and pollute a myriad of ecosystems in the process. The great peeps at Girlfriend Collective are reducing this pollution by using it to make their athletic wear. They also have diverse sizing for athletic wear that fits ALL body types. We love the sound of that! We’re obsessed with the brand’s sherpas and earth tone two-pieces – you’ll want to add to cart ASAP.

5. Groceries Apparel

Athletic wear that’s to dye for, literally. Their tie-dye is cool and the fact that it is non-toxic is even cooler. Anyone ever shopped for clothes based on ingredients? At Groceries Apparel you can choose from organic cotton, eucalyptus, recycled plastic, hemp and vegetable dye! We’re diggin’ their commitment to using sustainable fabrics. Minimize the carbon footprint, maximize the quality. Makes sense. BTW, good luck trying to resist purchasing at first sight.

6. Icebreaker

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Having an active lifestyle means being in nature A LOT (obvs) but wouldn’t the experience be enhanced by having clothes made from natural materials too? Icebreaker’s activewear line is nothing short of chic and minimalist. With plenty of colors that can easily adhere to any closet and funky prints to dabble in, you’ll waste no time finding something that’s soo you. Natural is the name of the game for Icebreaker’s apparel and they continue to create initiatives that only elevate with time.

7. Manduka

Manduka specializes in yoga clothes that move with you. Their enticing tie-dye prints will get you in the mood. You know, for yoga. By working with three fundamental ingredients – recycled polyester, plant-based material, and organic cotton – they’ve managed to curate exquisitely stylish high performance clothing. P.S. If you want to build a yoga starter kit, this is the place to get yoga mats, accessories and other gear you might need (you’re welcome in advance).

8. Odlo

Odlo uses smart fabric for their high performance wear that acts according to your environment and can keep you dry and warm. If only more clothing could read a room like that. They have a variety of tonal prints fitting for any mood and any activity. As a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Odlo is handling business (for Mother Nature of course). All of their pieces are made from environmentally compatible and recycled fabrics.

9. Pact

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Looking for WFH attire that is comfortable but on-the-go ready in case you need to step out? Pact satisfies both AND goes out of their way to make sure they are doing right by the earth. They also grow their own chemical-free organic cotton to be used in their fabrics. The knitwear in the most recent collection? Neeeeed. Additionally, by partnering with Fair Trade Certified Factories, they have ensured safe working conditions while uplifting the communities around them. More of this please.

10. Patagonia

As most of you know Patagonia is a brand that has the outerwear game on LOCK, but for those of you who don’t, Patagonia is that girl. From perfect lightweight puffers, to the coziest fleece and softest knitwear, these layering essentials are just begging to form the perfect mélange with your wardrobe. In their most recent season, they had 68% of their fabric made from recycled materials and grew their own cotton which reduced water and Co2 emissions by 45%.

11. PrAna

PrAna is a company that believes in facilitating positive change through clothing, we love to see it! Everything is totally layerable, comfy and comes in a beautiful array of colors. Since 2018 they’ve managed to produce collections with 100% organic cotton. In continuation of those efforts, they also use recycled wool and responsibly sourced down feathers.

12. Satva

Satva’s activewear line is the perfect blend of stylish and socially conscious. Their line features cozy everyday basics that integrate perfectly with whatever the day calls for. If you’re truly a print queen, then welcome to your new favorite brand. Seriously. Whether you’re finishing up your at-home yoga session or running errands, you can feel comfortable knowing that your clothing is doing right by people that helped to create them AND the planet.

13. Tasc

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Tasc performance wear is taking soft, comfortable fabrics and adding well…bamboo! That’s right, they cultivated their own special fabric made from natural fibers and bamboo which saves tons of energy in fabric factories, naturally protects from the sun, is chemical free AND odor resistant! Whether it’s yoga, activewear or loungewear their ultra cozy materials will have you in Tasc clothing ALL DAY.

14. Threads 4 Thought

Beech trees, organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and fishing nets, oh my! These are only some of the materials Threads 4 Thought makes their fabric from. They are constantly finding sustainable fabrics to supplement synthetic fibers that are made in leggings and performance wear. Reactive, their activewear line, is currently adorned by this must-see racerback sports bra (Sonya Contrast Binding Sports Bra) featuring a breathable mesh panel and eclectic cutouts.

15. Wolven

Combine “sexy” with “sustainable”, and you’ll get Wolven. Wolven is changing the fitness wear game, no doubt about it. Can you believe they make their clothes out of recycled water bottles?! Not only that, but their stylish prints allow you to transition seamlessly from at-home yoga to running errands.

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