Published on february 11, 2022

These Sustainable Black-Owned Brands Will Get You Through V-Day Gifting

written by Team thredUP

This year, we’ve put together a special V-Day gift guide just for you featuring 6 sustainable Black-owned brands. With Valentine’s Day around the corner and the pressure to get the perfect gift only building, we decided to take the pressure off of you a bit. Read on for a V-Day gift guide featuring extraordinary sustainable Black-owned brands that you’ll want to shop from ASAP. Here’s everything for the perfect sustainable gift and to set the perfect (sustainable) mood. Now you can treat someone you love (or yourself) while supporting Black businesses! Let’s dive in. 

1. Wine

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Three words: vino, V-day, and vibes! Wine is at the top of the list (duh!). Setting the mood is no easy task and not something to be taken lightly. Shout out to sustainable wine blog Deyoung Vine for providing a thorough list of vegan Black-owned wines! Undoubtedly a Valentine’s day evening essential. Wait, all wine isn’t vegan? It was news to us too. In the fining process of winemaking, which is used to remove excess particles, various animal byproducts are used to absorb the excess before being removed (used in the process, not the wine itself).

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to sip sustainably! Check out Stoney Wines, Corner 103 and Free Range Flower Winery for an entirely vegan-made array of wines. 

On the topic of wine, dabble in some wineglass fun with Estelle Colored Glasses to really add the perfect flare to your evening. Sip from your fave colored glass or (treat yourself) get an assortment of hues to add pizazz to your kitchen.  

2. Jewelry

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You also can’t go wrong with the gift of jewelry. It is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you with cheeky customization plus it really sets the tone for an outfit. Whether popping the question is imminent or you just want to give some good gift suggestions (wink wink), dabble in these must-have sustainable jewelry. 

Have a look at Valerie Madison jewelry. Using recycled diamonds and other materials, Valerie Madison has found a way to make the gem world a sustainable place to be. They also buy locally which means they have one of the smallest carbon footprints of any jeweler, how sweet is that? Okay maybe popping the question is too soon, but the 14K Gold initial stud earrings could still be the cutest customizable addition to your V-day surprise! 

Give Arlokea a try for the perfect decadent pieces that are the best minimal addition to any outfit. This brand takes their strides in ethical fashion and puts that same energy toward various social issues. All pieces are upcycled, made from locally-sourced materials and eco-conscious! Check out the Druzy Stone Earrings that are made out of recycled material, so very gorgeous.

3. Clothing

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We have no issue with full time cozy attire, but the end of winter is around the corner and it’s a great time to start thinking about what your (or your giftees’) spring wardrobe is going to look like! 

Hand-woven from natural cotton, Lemlem makes easy must-have maxi dresses! Let’s face it, if you’re going to give up your cozy sweatpants-sweatshirt combo for anything it would be this. This brand uses 5% of its proceeds to put back into the communities and livelihood of their talented artisans in Africa! They are a breathable-flowy dream come true and make an effortless date look. 

Shop Autumn Adeigbo for dresses in to-dye-for prints. If you’re a print girl please stand up! These everyday A-line dresses are key to adding that extra bit of energy to your day or date.  By using ethically sourced materials from around the world, this brand shows the planet the love it deserves and is basically a one-stop shop for cute date ‘fits. P.S. These lovely printed finds can be found at thredUP!

Gift someone you love with Kind Socks, sustainably-made socks that come in an array of funky patterns that will get you excited to put them on literally every single day. Their organically sourced cotton is 100% free of any toxins and their packaging is compostable too! 

Bonus: If you’re in need of fresh colorfully-chic outfits for a date night check out Black-owned vintage shops Random and Chic and The NXCVintage Shop! Shout out to all the vintage gals keeping items in the circular fashion economy! 

4. Treats

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The top priority every V-Day is eating good. We’re talking chocolate, cookies, ice cream – you name it! Picking up a heart-shaped box of chocolates at your grocery store is one thing, but you can up your game with gourmet desserts that are 100% vegan. Dig into an array of vegan treats from these brands!

If you’re down for a good cookie (or a baker’s dozen), head over to Maya’s Cookies, the America’s #1 Black-Owned Gourmet Vegan Cookie Company – you can’t beat that. Taste the classics like Snickerdoodle or a quirky flavor like White Chocolate Espresso. Not to mention, their Valentine’s Collection looks absolutely scrumptious (the perfect gift, maybe?).

For those who adore the classic V-day experience, get assorted chocolates from Good Girl Chocolate. These chocolates are dairy free, gluten free, soy free and non GMO – in short, almost straight from the cocoa bean. Whether you want to gift a box to your loved one or snack on a bar for yourself, this brand won’t let you down. 

Got a sweet tooth for it all? Give Southern Roots a try ASAP. Based in San Antonio, TX, this vegan bakery has all the delicious baked goods you desire, from donuts to cookies to cupcakes. Our mouths are already watering just looking at the I Love You 3000 special bundle – it’s a must. 

5. Beauty 

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You can never go wrong with products that enhance the beauty experience! Shopping for beauty is not easy with so many items to choose from but knowing what you’re going for beforehand makes the process way easier.

Nothing says V-day like getting someone special in your life a really special scent. If you or someone you love is on the prowl for a new fragrance try a sweet scent by Kimberly New York, a vegan, cruelty-free perfume brand. Gift the Artsy scent for the perfect sensual touch to your V-day or, even better, treat yourself (wink wink)!

Being at home has forced us into a few (or more than a few) DIY situations. One of those is at-home mani-pedis. Try out brands like Taupe Coat or Rooted Woman for non-toxic sustainable nail polish options with tons of color options to add to your repertoire. 

Get SDOT Beauty for the skincare lover in your life! Crafted in New York, this brand is home to eco-consciously made products that are free of any toxins. The Vitamin Sea detoxifying mask is the key to glowing skin because it nourishes using Vitamin C and B12, who wouldn’t want that?! Use it as the perfect V-Day prep or gift it to the next face mask addict. 

6. Candles 

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Everyone loves a good candle, which is why they are the perfect gift and an obvious choice for setting a mood. I’m sure many of us have stayed at the candle aisle at (insert fave store) for many candles too long before. These brands of soy candles are the perfect mood elevators just begging to live in your home. 

Try Natural Annie with their sweet scents, funny quotes and array of options to choose from. Natural Annie candles not only have to-die-for scents but they come with hilarious, relatable, and uplifting quotes in the Quotes Collection. They would seriously look (and smell) great anywhere in your house. 

Lit Soul Candles upcycles old soup cans that were donated to the homeless population in the Los Angeles area and turns them into candles! Their coconut wax candles are meant to aid in meditation and mindfulness practice. After melting down, a crystal will be revealed that is representative of a specific chakra. Anyone else fighting the urge not to order 10? 

Have any V-Day gift ideas of your own? Share with us in the comments below.