At thredUP,
we believe in a sustainable fashion future.

Thrifting is about more than just finding amazing deals on your favorite brands. It’s about shopping with intention, rejecting throwaway fashion culture, and standing for sustainability. The clothes we wear have the power to create change.

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Thrifting Can Help Solve the Fashion Waste Crisis

Our love for constant newness has come at too high a price for our planet. Shopping secondhand reduces the cost of fashion by giving new life to used clothes. Resale moves us one step closer to a circular fashion future.

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New clothing production is hurting the planet.

One new garment takes 77 gallons of water and creates 17 lbs of CO2e. 1

Over 100B garments are produced each year, which is 2X more than 15 years ago. 2

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Perfectly good clothing is being discarded.

1 in 2 people throw their clothes straight in the trash. 3

73% of apparel is sent to landfill or incinerated, 95% of which could be reused or recycled. 2

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Extending the life of clothes fights fashion waste.

Shopping secondhand displaces the need for new clothing production and diverts items from landfills. 1

Buying one used item reduces its carbon, waste, and water footprints by 82%. 1

Our Story

We set out to modernize thrifting.

In 2009, our co-founder & CEO James Reinhart realized he had a closet full of clothes he didn’t wear. He wasn’t alone. He knew there was value in those clothes, and “looking back at that moment, I certainly didn’t appreciate how that insight could eventually upend how we look at innovation in retail, the apparel industry, and our environment.”

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We are shaping the future of fashion.


We’re an online consignment & thrift store, where you can constantly refresh your style while creating less waste.

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Our Marketplace

We created a smarter way to shop and sell.

We deliver a modern resale experience on one of the largest online platforms for women’s and kids’ secondhand apparel, providing a fun and convenient place to shop and clean out your closet.

  • 35K brands
    from Gap to Gucci
  • Up to 90% off
    estimated retail value
Our Invention

The circular closet, powered by proprietary technology.

We’re able to process and recirculate clothing at an extraordinary speed and scale, all in support of sustainable fashion, freer closets, and a better world.

  • 100K unique items
    can be processed every day
  • 2.4M items
    can be listed at any given time
  • 5.5M items
    can fit in our distribution centers
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Our Impact

thredUP does good for people and the planet.

We give new life to millions of used clothes, offsetting the environmental and financial cost of fashion.

  • 100M garments
    processed so far
  • 1B lbs
    of CO2e displaced
  • $3.3B off
    estimated retail value

We’ve made it our job to educate consumers and bring awareness to the global fashion waste crisis.

Fashion Footprint Calculator

We created a first-of-its-kind carbon calculator to help consumers understand how their fashion habits contribute to climate change. See how you stack up!

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Annual Resale Report

Our industry report highlights the rapidly emerging resale economy, which is estimated to grow to $36 billion by 2024, and includes a fashion waste analysis that shines a light on the global issues of overproduction, disposable fashion culture, and single-use fashion.

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Clothing Lifecycle Study

We commissioned independent research firm Green Story Inc. to analyze the environmental impact of buying garments used instead of new.

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Our high-profile collaborations capture mainstream attention and give us new platforms to inspire positive change.

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We teamed up with designer Zero Waste Daniel to create an upcycled collection made entirely from secondhand garments and fabric scraps.

Upcycle Your Closet

Choose Used

As seen in Vogue, we partnered with actress and activist Olivia Wilde to create a statement-making secondhand T-shirt collection aimed at destigmatizing used clothing.

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Shop Their Closets

thredUP’s customers get to shop the closets of their favorite celebrities and influencers, and thrift gets a celeb-endorsed popularity boost.

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We believe our impact can be amplified when we join forces with the broader fashion industry.


thredUP is powering resale for some of the world’s leading fashion retailers and brands, like Walmart, Madewell, and Reformation.

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Speak UP About Waste

We leverage cultural moments to start conversations and help drive the sustainability movement forward. When Burberry admitted to burning excess inventory, we challenged them to do better.

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thredUP sells 35,000 brands. If you’re looking for a treasure hunt, secondhand is where you’ll find it.


The resale site for J.Crew blazers, Gucci bags, and everything in between.


This is sustainable retail therapy, a feel good fashion fix that doesn’t add to the environmental problem of clothing overproduction.

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Our Mission

Inspiring a new generation to think secondhand first.

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Sources: (1) Green Story Inc. (2) Ellen MacArthur Foundation (3) Global Data 2019 survey