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The Scoop on Payouts

Listing Windows

Accepted items are listed on consignment for up to 60 or 90 days. You’ll get paid for each item when and if it sells. Learn More
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brand tier
Value & Mall BrandsTarget, Forever 21, Gap, Nike, kids’ brands, etc.
Premium & Designer BrandsJ. Crew, Lululemon, Vince, Gucci, Prada, etc.

Payout Table

Your payout is a percentage of thredUP's selling price. It increases with your price and is subject to change. Learn More
selling price
your payout

Payout Estimator

Pricing is determined by many factors, including the estimated retail price, brand, seasonality, and quality of each item.
Sample Listings
  • Old Navy Jeans
    Old Navy Jeans
    Est. Listing Price: $11.00
    Est. Payout (5%): $0.55
    Listing window: 60 days
  • J. Crew Dress
    J. Crew Dress
    Est. Listing Price: $42.23
    Est. Payout (30%): $12.67
    Listing window: 90 days
  • Gucci Handbag
    Gucci Handbag
    Est. Listing Price: $358.55
    Est. Payout (80%): $286.84
    Listing window: 90 days


12-Hour Bidding Window

Your items will now be open for bids after you’ve had a chance to adjust the initial listing prices. Getting bids means higher payouts and faster sell times! Learn More


What adjustments can be made to my payout?

Your payout could increase if someone places a bid on your items or if you raise your listing prices. Your payout could decrease if you lower your listing prices or if an item is purchased using a discount after it has been listed for 7 days or more.

What happens if one of my items doesn’t sell within its listing window?

If your item doesn’t sell, you can still reclaim it. If you choose not to reclaim your item within 14 days, the item becomes property of thredUP.

What is the 12-hour bidding window?

After you’ve had 12 hours to edit the initial listing price of your items, they will be open for bids for 12 hours. During this time, no adjustments can be made to your item’s price. If your item gets a bid, your payout will increase accordingly. If your item does not get a bid, it will be listed on the site and available for you to adjust the price again.

Why was my item sold before it was listed?

thredUP reserves the right to purchase your items before they are listed. If your kit has been activated with one of our retail partners, thredUP will purchase all your accepted items and you will receive a payout immediately.

When do I get my payout?

When one of your items is purchased, you’ll receive your payout and be able to cash out as soon as the 45-day return window has passed. Our return window is normally 14-days, but due to COVID-19 we are giving our customers more time to send in their returns. If the item is returned, your consignment window will be reset so that your item has more time to sell, and you will be paid out as soon as the item sells for the second time.