Published on october 5, 2021

To our thredUP Community: Farewell to Goody Boxes

written by Team thredUP


Hey thrifters, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue Goody Boxes as of 10/15/2021. We greatly value our Goody Box customers and want to thank you all for your support!

Goody Boxes launched four years ago with the goal of helping thrifters like you get fresh looks and amazing savings with the expertise of a personal stylist. We wanted to take the work out of searching through the millions of items on our marketplace, but we learned that most thrifters actually love the thrill of the find, and our Goody Box customers were actually searching for style guidance above all else. 

We are still committed to offering our thrifters tools to get the latest styles, at the best value, in a sustainable way. If you’re hunting for your next closet refresh, we hope the following features will make your search easier:

Thrift the Look


If you were a fan of Goody Boxes for easy style inspiration, be sure to check out Thrift the Look, a new feature that makes it easy to recreate our thrift community’s favorite outfits with similar secondhand styles.

Saved Searches


If Goody Boxes felt like your own personal shop, you can still creat a mini thrift store of your very own on our site. If you made great brand discoveries via Goody Boxes, make a saved search for them. Filter by brand, budget, size, and more to get the perfect results. You’ll get new arrival alerts matching your search. 

Bundled Shipping


If you loved Goody Boxes because you were able to get items shipped to you for free, you should try Bundled Shipping. Bundled Shipping lets you shop to your heart’s content for seven days, giving you extra time (and less pressure) to reach that $79 free shipping threshold. Orders made within that time will be processed and shipped together in as few boxes as possible.  

Redeem Rewards

Redeemed Rewards

If you’re a Goody Box shopper who loved free returns, you’re going to love thredUP Rewards. You can redeem “Waived Restocking Fees” as a reward by using your thredUP Rewards points. There are different ways to earn points, so check it out

Finally, to everyone who has purchased a Goody Box, thank you for trying something new with us. And to our entire thredUP community, we will continue to innovate and provide you with new ways to discover items that you absolutely love.


When is the last day to order a Goody Box?

The last day to order a Goody Box is 10/15/2021. 

I’m subscribed, what happens to my Goody Box subscription? 

The last subscription box will be sent out 10/15/2021. Any boxes scheduled after that date will be cancelled. 

When will you stop accepting Goody Box returns? 

Our standard Goody Box return policy still applies. Customers have 7 days to decide whether they wish to keep or send back any items. The return window will begin on the day that the order is delivered. Please have your Goody Box return postmarked before the 7th day to ensure that the shipment is scanned before the return deadline. 

Will Box of Favorites or Create Your Own Goody Boxes still be available? 

Not at this time. Shoppers loved these offerings to enjoy free shipping and returns. You can choose Bundled Shipping at checkout to get some extra time to reach the $79 free shipping threshold. If you want free returns, you can use thredUP Rewards points to redeem our waived restocking fee reward! Plus, if you’re looking to save even more on your favorites, we’re always holding sales so keep an eye out for a good deal.

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